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P.P.U. Halina Stelmach
86-031 Osielsko
Żonkilowa 10 Street
Phone. +48 52 381 38 03

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Our Services
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We also carry a range of services for individual orders of our customers:

Stelmach Design, construction and execution of moulds, punches and other metal items and a full range of CAD / CAM
Stelmach CNC milling
Stelmach CNC electro-erosion machines
Stelmach Starter holes EDM drilling 0,3-3mm.
Stelmach CNC Wire electro-erosion cuting machines
Stelmach Plastic injection molding machines in our CNC and forms supplied by the customer
Stelmach We provide any items to individual order (elements forming molds / dies and other components ordered by any customer)
Stelmach We prepare custom cables (cut to length, stripping of appropriate dimensions and parameters, installation tips)
Stelmach Reflective coatings, vacuum covering.
Stelmach Sandblasting.
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